Body mass index

BMI – Body Mass Index

Body mass index

Body Mass Index is one of the tools to evaluate body fat by using your weight in kg and height in meter square.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator :

Your BMI is

BMI Calculator

According to NIN (National Institute of Nutrition), the ideal weight of a man is 65 kg and for women, it is 55 kg and the ideal height is 5.8 feet (177cm) for men and 5.3 feet (162cm) for women. This value is taken to calculate BMI.

The value of BMI divides obesity into grades 1,11 and 111.

  • Underweight – > 18.5
  • normal weight- 18.5-24.9
  • Grade I – 25-29.9
  • Grade II – 30-40
  • Grade III- >40

Underweight- People having BMI less than 18.5 are comes under under this. In this category, people are at high risk of being malnourished. Consult your doctor and dietician to know better, it is related to your diet or any medical issue you are facing. Because loosing weight continuously in short period, is not a good sign.

Normal weight/Healthy weight- People having BMI 18.5-24.9 are comes under this, try to maintain it by choosing healthy lifestyle.

Grade I obesity- People with having BMI greater than 25 and less than 29.9 are coming under grade I obesity. It does not affect a person’s health and can be reduced by their own healthy lifestyle.

Grade II obesity- People with having BMI between 30-40 comes under grade II obesity. In this stage doctors and dieticians, advice is necessary, because of increased weight they are more prone to diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, arthritis, fatty liver, etc. 

Grade III obesity- People having BMI above 40 comes under this category. People who come in this category are in very miserable condition, chances of lifestyle diseases and physical injuries are also increased because of increased weight. They need medical attention as soon as possible.



This Chart help you to define your category whether you are normal, overweight, obes or severe obese.

Height (cm)Weight (kg)
Normal (kg)Overweight (kg)Obesity (kg)Severe obesity (kg)
14741.3-52.254 to 62.664.9 to 84.486.7 to 117.1
15042.6-53.956.3 to 64.967.2 to 87.689.9 to 121.2
15243.9-55.758.1 to 67.269.4 to 90.392.6 to 125.2
15545.3-57.659.9 to 69.471.7 to 93.595.8 to 129.3
15747.1-59.461.7 to 71.774.4 to 96.798.9 to 133.9
16048.5-61.264 to 7476.7 to 99.8102.1 to 137.9
16349.8-63.565.8 to 76.779 to 103105.3 to 142.5
16551.7-65.368.1 to 7981.7 to 106.2108.9 to 147
16853.5-67.170.4 to 81.284.4 to 109.4112.1 to 151.5
17054.8-69.372.2 to 8486.7 to 113115.7 to 156.1
17356.6-71.774.4 to 86.289.4 to 116.2118.9 to 160.6
17558.0-73.476.7 to 8992.1 to 119.3122.5 to 165.6
17859.8-75.779 to 91.794.9 to 123126.1 to 170.6
18061.6-78.081.2 to 94.497.6 to 126.6129.8 to 175.1
18363.5-80.283.5 to 96.7100.3 to 130.2133.4 to 180.1
18565.3-82.585.8 to 99.4103 to 133.9137 to 185.1
18867.1-84.388 to 102.1105.7 to 137.5141.1 to 190.6
19168.9-87.090.8 to 105.3108.9 to 141.1144.7 to 195.5
19370.7-89.393 to 108111.6 to 145.2148.8 to 201
BMI19 to 2425 to 2930 to 3940 to 54


Obesity does not come alone it comes with their partners like high blood pressure, increased LDL, increased risk of heart disease, fatty liver, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, breathing problem, difficulty in day to day activity etc.

Similarly like obes people, underweight people also are at higher risk of getting malnourished faces health related issue like anemia, oesteoporosis, delayed growth in children and adult etc.

So in both condition your health is at risk, if your BMI comes under normal category (18.5-24.9) try to maintain it by choosing healthy lifestyle, but if your BMI is above 25 it is the time to make some changes in your lifestyle .

Lifestyle modification are depend into your diet and physical activity. Some changes in your diet like portion control, avoiding junk, storage of heathy snacks at home etc are help to make your body healthier. With diet regular exercise of atleast 30-45 minutes are also help you to shed some weight.

Advantages and disadvantages of BMI – Body mass index.

It basically measure your body fat, which helps you to know your level of obesity or under-nutrition better.

It gives you idea about increased fat percentage in your body for example, may be in weighing scale your weight is good, but there is a possibility that your body composition of fat and muscle are not good.

Also, your BMI- Body mass index level aware you of the health risk due to obesity and poor health.

Although it’s not a perfect tool for health assessment, it just provide you an estimate body fat, it does not consider the factors like age, sex, muscle mass, medical history, etc. 

Also, Body mass index is not able to distinguish between the type of fat you are dealing with like, whether it is visceral fat (fat around the organ) or subcutaneous fat (fat beneath the skin).

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