Giloy Benefits and uses to boost the immune system 2021

Giloy Benefits and its Uses.

Giloy  (hindi) or Amrita (Sanskrit) or heart-leaved moonseed (English)

Binominal Organic name: Tinospora  Cordifolia

Giloy is an ayurvedic herb.

Used as a medicine in India for ages because of its abundant medicinal properties.

Giloy helps to improve immunity also it has anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties.

It is known as amrita in Sanskrit which means “the root and stem of immortality”.

How to Identify Giloy?

It looks like heart-shaped and resembles betel leaves.

It is glabrous, climbing shrub, found in tropical regions of India, Myanmar, and Srilanka.

It grows very well in almost every type of soil.

It is a climber basically, it requires the support of other trees like neem and mango to grow.

One can easily plant it by cutting its stem and plant it directly into the soil with some water after that keep this plant in a shaded area for about a week.

Then u can keep it in direct sunlight, after 7-8 days you can see new growth.

The taste of giloy extract is bitter.

Giloy benefits

How to use Giloy?

The main medicinal part of Giloy is its stem.giloy leaves are also very beneficial.

One can extract juice from the fresh stem and mix with tulsi and aloe vera to improve its medicinal value.

Then Bring it to boil with one cup of water wait till it becomes half-cup have it daily or alternative days as per your convenience to boost immunity.

It is suggested that taking 2-3 teaspoon Giloy juice with the same amount of water daily in an empty stomach is give the most effective result in weight loss.

Giloy juice with juices of aloe vera, neem, or amla helps flush out toxins and make your skin better day by day.


It is not advisable for infants.

Children above 5 years can take the recommended doses.

People with autoimmune disease should avoid this.

Still, you need doctors’ supervision before taking it in any form especially if you are allergic to these kinds of herbs.

Giloy Contents

Giloy is rich in antioxidant like ascorbic acid, lycopene and carotene.

Antioxidant helps in fighting against free-radicals and keep our cell healthy.

It also purifies the blood and remove toxins.

Giloy related news

Baba Ramdev claimed that this herb may be used as an effective treatment for coronavirus.

Also, Delhi based “All India Institute of Ayurveda‘ said that “We are not claiming it to be effective against Covid-19, all we are saying is that it is known to be effective in building a person’s immunity and we are conducting this large scale trial to see if it can provide some protection against this particular disease. Also, another arm of this study is to see if taking this medicine will have any effect on the severity of the disease in case any of these personnel are exposed to the virus in the future.”

It is used to manufacture many herbal, ayurvedic and modern medicines.

According to health expert, Giloy is also an effective remedy in dengue fever, since it contains antioxidants which help in reducing fever and at the same time improve the immunity of the body also helps in increasing platelet count.

Also, Giloy is said to be useful in managing Type-2 diabetes as it helps in the production of insulin and acts as a hypoglycemic agent.

So if you are diabetic and taking Giloy on regular basis, keep monitoring your blood sugar level.

Giloy benefits for weight loss

Although weight loss requires healthy eating and exercise whereas Giloy benefits from weight loss because it contains antioxidants that boost immunity and metabolism of the body which aid in weight loss.

It also contains adaptogenic substance which manage the stress of the body and prevent binge eating which is one of the effects of stress.

It’s easily available in the market, one can plant it or can easily buy both online and offline.

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