10 Budget-friendly weaning food to Increase  Baby Weight.

Archana Kumari

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Mashed Potato

Boil Potato, Mash them and add Cheese or Butter to it.

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Oats + Milk Cook Oats into milk until it get soft.

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Sweet Potato Mash

Boil Sweet Potato, Mash them with spoon, Add some honey.

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Rice + Lentils

Mix mashed Cooked Rice with Lentils

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Boiled Veg

Carrot, Beans, Broccoli Boil and Chop the veg into small pieces or Mash them.

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Boiled Egg

Start with only 1 egg or 1/2 Then slowly increase the quantity.

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Curd with Rice Flakes

Add mashed Rice Flake to Curd with some Honey.

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Fruits Banana or Mango

Banana with peanut butter, Cut into small piece and  Mash them.

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Caramelized apples

Boil Apple Mash them and add Sugar or Honey.

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Cow Milk

Slowly Start Cow Milk


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